Jul 30, 2014

I'm taking my time but I don't know where.

Last Friday has been my housemate Mela's graduation. I'll try to make this post as less cheesy as I can, but considering that on Monday morning we said goodbye and left our apartment, and are in fact no longer housemates, I don't know if it's possible.

I took a lot of photos. It was a beautiful day and Mela was so funny. She never hid from the camera and started to dance in the most inconvenient moments. Love her. And you should love her too.
Her family arrived on Thursday and stayed for a night, and is so much the typical South Italian Family that you can't but loving them. As soon as they saw me, her parents hugged me and her father shouted "Sardina" (Sardine, that is similar to anchovies, in italian "alici"). Her brother and friends are so nice. An uncle didn't speak much, the other didn't say a word in Italian (I hardly understand their dialect). And, the best of the best, the aunts. Aunt Antonietta prayed during the whole trip in the car because she was afraid of the highway. The first thing aunt Emma told me (as Mela predicted) was about the theatrical show she is in every year. Aunt Rosa never took off the sunglasses, she cried the all day.
The Aunts
The Brother
With Ila
Aren't we simply adorable?
The Father
Awww, come on, can we be cuter? 
With our friends Mattia and Ivano in front of the building where we had most of our classes.
Mela: "Let's make a sad face"
Ivano: -model pose activated-
Can't remember why we did this
There are people who have a clearly defined talent, and it is easier for them. They become olympians or singers, they inspire generation of students or cut hair with skill. For others it's harder. Even understand their talent can be a long journey, and many get lost in it. Sometimes, those around them perceive it, but maybe are not able to give it a specific name. Also because the language is imperfect, and a specific name for everything not always exist. Mela has a talent, and it is so strong and bright that I wonder now how I didn't see it from the beginning. But it exists, and it's never intrusive or cooky, never looks for easy compliments. It's sweet and caring and beautiful, just like her. She has the incredible gift to make those around her smile. Not laugh, but smile. If a laughter is a burst of hilarity due to a joke or a funny episode, a smile is tender and deep. The memory of a smile remains for a long time, even when everything else begins to fade.

I'm not a dreamaer. I know that we won't live in the same city anymore. And soon or later the real life, the adult one, will become demanding. But I will always have a little space for her and if you call me Mela, just called me, and I'll be there. Miss you already.

Jul 18, 2014

The most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

I observed my friend just came back from his six months away for the Erasmus Programme. He is in love. His eyes shone, talking about her and the way they get together. And about the way they get together again. Reunited around our living room table, he told us how he had just broken up with his former girlfriend before leaving for Czech Republic and all he wanted was freedom and fun. “I wanted freedom and fun.” And then he met her, “the most beautiful girl I've ever seen”, and freedom and fun had suddenly a new meaning. She is a sweet greek girl, she knows when to speak and when words are not needed. She is not desperate for attention and she is modest and humble, despite all the boys buzzing around her all the time. She doesn’t make a scene for every single thing that bothers her. She is quite and smart and simple. And beautiful.
I don’t doubt that he loves her. And I wish them all the happiness of this world. But, listening to his story, I cannot but think that he is trying to sell me, to sell everyone, a way to be a woman. 
And I’m not buying it.

Jul 15, 2014


Mela and I bought some balloons for Ila's graduation last week. We placed some of them in front of her bedroom door, with some of her typical phrases written on. Blowing them up, Mela asked me to write on one and then we threw it out of her window. Few minutes and it disappeared. 

Ila left that some afternoon of the ceremony and most of the balloons waited around, with nothing to do, for the following days. A couple of nights ago, around 3am, when the street was deserted, we wrote all over them positive messages and threw them. Two guys who were passing cycling picked up the first balloon, a purple heart. We don't know what happened to the others. 

What would you write on a balloon?

Jul 13, 2014


I don't talk in the morning until I brush my teeth.
The taste of sleeping feels disgusting in my own mouth.
I want that to be the only thing I hate of myself.

But girl tonight you look so pretty, yes you do.

Friday has been my housemate Ila's graduation. Few pics to remember the day.
Mela, Ila and I being the cutest.