19 Jan 2014

Where I write that I have no time to write

My intention was to translate the second part of the diary entry I wrote last week (because I'm so smart that I write in Italian things I need in English even if I know well that this way the whole thing takes twice as long), but tomorrow morning I have an exam, of one of my least favorite subject (international economy) ever and I have to finish to repeat (it doesn't matter how many time I go through the same pages, I cannot remember anything because I hate it so much) the last chapter and is already 9.34 pm and I'm so tired and I have an headache. Since Friday afternoon. So nothing.  I will be super busy since next Sunday, actually, but I've already prepared the posts for Tuesday and Friday.

A creative week to all of you.


  1. I hope your exam went well! xx

    1. Thank you xx
      It went ok, I guess. Considering how much I dislike economy, it went ok.


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